Classes and Work Shops

$50.00  Small Sun Catcher or Small Stone. You will learn how to cut,  grind, foil and solder. Stepping stones you will cut and grind and work  with pattern and pour your stone.

$60.00 Large full face stepping stone and you will be able to buy scrap glass at $4.00 a pound.

$65.00  Mosaics Learn the fun of Mosaics, Can bring in table or what ever you  would like to design. Scrap glass sells for $4.00 a pound.

$80.00-$180  Stained Glass Panel cost depends on size and you will bye Glass and  supplies to build your panel, Lead panels are $20.00 more.

$200.00 Lamp Work Beads this class comes with everything you need to do at home.

Michelle White offers a painting class call for information.

Any time you take a class you can get 15% off any kit you purchase from  me,, Or if you have no room at home work in my studio for $4.00 an hour  for bench time. 



I offer all types of workshops for young children to Seniors . Call anytime and ask and Ill set a time. 419-438-0156